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Bosnian Knot III Bosnian Nishan (triptih) Bosnian Knot IV Nishan Within

Group Exhibitions

1968, 1969, 1971: Gallery of Sarajevo, Sarajevo
1969: Graphics of "Belgrade Circle", Belgrade
1970: Association of BiH fine arts exhibition in Dijonu, France
1970: 9th Graphic Arts Meeting in Subotica, Yugoslavia
1974, 75, 77, 79: Zagreb Exhibition of Yugoslav Drawing, Croatia
1974: The Fourth International Exhibition of Original Drawing at Rijeka, Croatia
1975: 6th Yugoslav Art Association Exhibition in Sarajevo, BiH
1976. i 1980: Zagreb Exhibition of Yugoslav Graphics, Croatia
1977: Permanent Collection at Art Gallery of BiH, Sarajevo
1978: 6th Triennale of Yugoslav drawing in Sombor
1978: Exhibition of Bosnia and Herzegovina Graphics in Dortmund, Germany
1979: Contemporary Graphics of BiH in Washington, Pitsburg and New York
1980: 2nd Biennale of Yugoslav Arts YAVA-I in New York
1980: INTERGRAFIK '80 Exhibition in Berlin, Germany
1981: Group exhibitions in Mexico, Lake Placid and Chicago
1981: 7th Triennale of Contemporary Drawing in Sombor, Yugoslavia
1983: "Collegium Artisticum" in Sarajevo
1984: Art of BiH in Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Skopje, Priština and Belgrade
1984: INTERGRAFIK '84 Exhibition in Berlin, Germany
1985: Exhibition of Yugoslav Graphics 1950 – 1980, Museum of Modern Arts in Belgrade
1985: "Collegium Artisticum" in Sarajevo
1986: "Collegium Artisticum" in Sarajevo and Belgrade
1989: "Yugoslav Documents" in Sarajevo
1990: 25th Zagreb Gallery, Croatia
1993, 94, 96 i 97: International Exhibition in Freiburg, Germany
1995: Group exhibitions in Leipzig, Gottinger, Gallery "Apex", and München, Germany
1996, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003: Sarajevo "Collegium Artisticum" *BiH, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Some other more important group exhibitions: Marocco, Cairo, Islamabad, Dijon, Chicago, Washington.

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